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Welcome to the Gianna Center of Philadelphia

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

The very existence of this place is a bit of a miracle. A medical office, dedicated to providing authentically Catholic healthcare for women that nurtures and heals and respects their essential femininity is a rare and precious thing. I am at once proud grateful for the opportunity to be a part of it, and humbled by the responsibility to spread this good news!

The Gianna Center’s approach to women’s healthcare is naturally life-affirming. That should be a self-evident truth, but in our crazy, mixed-up world it requires explanation and defense.

We are here because two generations of American women have grown up under the lie that they must deny their essential selves in order to be fully human.

This lie has been told with such thoroughness and subtlety that it has infused our popular culture and our intellectual life in a way that threatens to obscure the truth completely.

But this truth is within us; in our bodies, and in our hearts.

The Gianna Center is here to speak truth to that false power, in our words and in our deeds, so that our sisters and their children can live in the beautiful freedom God has planned for all of us.

Welcome. We are so glad you can join us!

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