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2023 Mother~Daughter Tea Look-Book

On Sunday, Oct 15th, at St. Helena Church's Empress Room, the Gianna Center of Philadelphia and Generation Life had the pleasure of celebrating beautiful mothers and daughters for our second annual Mother~Daughter Tea.

The purpose of this program is to provide an atmosphere of love and learning while discussing the important topic of growing up and to establish a foundation for continued communication between parent and child. The afternoon gives girls the opportunity to engage in guided discussions along with their moms and listened to age-appropriate presentations regarding the physical changes of the body, the functions of the female reproductive system, the sacredness of human life, and the virtue of chastity.

When the guests signed in, girls received a journal and a book on Catholic Princess Saints, and mothers were provided with books and resources that they would be able to share with the girls at a time when they believed they were ready.

The Sisters of Life opened the event with a prayer.

Lisa, a chastity speaker from Generation Life, welcomed all the beautiful ladies to the event. She shared how overjoyed she was that these ladies were taking the chance to learn about how beautifully and wonderfully they were made, and that God has a special plan for each and every one of us as ladies.

Moms share with their daughters special gifts and qualities she brings to the family, and Girls share with their Mom something they admire about her.

Barbara and Theresa, both Nurse Practitioners and Certified FertilityCare Practitioners from the Gianna Center, discuss our God-given gift of fertility, the great power from God to bring forth new life.

To best appreciate your Gift of Fertility, you need knowledge!

Lunch & Tea Time! During the break, girls had a range of activities to participate in. Barbara and Theresa conducted the Fertility Fun Facts Game where the girls could win a prize, girls could make a corsage, enjoy each other's company, and, of course, drink tea!

Katelyn, a chastity speaker from Generation Life, encouraged the young ladies to look up to the Saints as their true, good and beautiful "influencers" as they grow and mature, and remember that virtue is what makes you beautiful.

For more details on this event, check out our First Annual Mother ~ Daughter Tea.

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