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2022 Mother~Daughter Tea Look-Book

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

On October 16th, 2022, nearly 100 beautiful Mothers and their Daughters, ages 10 to 13, filed into the Empress Room of Saint Helena Church in Blue Bell PA. They traveled near and far to attend the Gianna Center of Philadelphia's first annual Mother - Daughter Tea.

The purpose of the program was to provide an atmosphere of love and learning while discussing the important topic of growing up and to establish a foundation for continued communication between parent and child. The afternoon gave girls the opportunity to engage in guided discussions along with their moms and listened to age-appropriate presentations regarding the physical changes of the body, the functions of the female reproductive system, the sacredness of human life and the virtue of chastity.

When the guests signed in, girls received a beautiful journal, and mothers were provided with resources that they would be able to share with the girls at a time when they believed they were ready.

Msgr. Nicolo (above), Pastor of Saint Helena Church, warmly welcomed the ladies (including the Sisters of Life) to his stunning venue, and opened the event with a prayer.

Tereze (right), from Generation Life, set the tone of the afternoon by sharing her experience of what a blessing it was having a close relationship with her Mother as she grew up. She explained how important and beneficial it is for girls to confide in their mothers as they learn and grow, for moms have experience and wisdom to impart. Tereze told the girls "No one will ever have your highest good in mind more than your mother."

Theresa (left), a certified Fertility Care Practitioner from the Gianna Center, shared how beautifully and wonderfully women are made in her talk titled Fertility & Femininity: How the Body Changes. Its focus was on what young women can expect as normal and healthy as they grow and mature and how to foster their God-given gift of fertility. She told them "God has a plan for each and every one of you, as you are unique and unrepeatable!"

After Theresa's presentation, the Moms and Girls enjoyed Lunch & Tea Time, with an assortment of tea, sandwiches and soup. During this break, the guests had an array of activities to choose from: Girls participated in Theresa's Fertility Fun Facts game, while others placed Raffle tickets on prizes they hoped to win. Girls conversed with old and new friends as they sipped tea, checked out materials at display tables, said hi to the Sisters of Life, and spent some quality time with their Moms (depicted below).

After Lunch & Tea Time, all ladies were called back to their seats for the next talk titled God's Glorious Girl. Katelyn (right) from Gen Life, passed on her wisdom gained through personal experience that virtue is the fastest route to happiness and the truest source of beauty. She encouraged the young ladies not to allow themselves to be influenced by untrue narratives found in social media, but to instead look to the lives of the Saints for solid examples to gracefully navigate the mysterious, at times challenging, but ultimately beautiful journey from childhood to womanhood.

When Katelyn's talk concluded, the Sisters of Life lead all the women in a closing prayer.

As a parting activity, Beth (left), a volunteer nurse from the Gianna Center, lead the young ladies in how to properly assemble an Autumnal nosegay to give to their Mom or to any person of their choice to brighten their day.

After the Nosegays, all ladies went their separate ways with flowers in hand, smiles on their faces, and they took with them the valuable knowledge of their gift of fertility, that their beauty is founded in virtue, and that God has a plan for each and every one of us! Thus concluded the Gianna Center's First Annual Mother~Daughter Tea. Thank you!

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