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Reflections from a Nursing Student

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

The Gianna Center of Philadelphia is always excited to welcome medical and nursing students seeking clinical hours. It is a beautiful exchange, helping students fulfill their requirements, while allowing them to witness a very specialized type of care and unique approach to women’s health.

Justine, a nurse practitioner student from LaSalle University, recently completed her clinical practice hours under the supervision of Dr. Delia Larrauri. Here is her experience in her own words.


I am currently a Registered Nurse for 17 years and I presently work for a home infusion company. I am finishing my Family Nurse Practitioner graduate program at LaSalle University.

I was looking for a women’s health program that was holistic, providing women of all ages the chance to heal their bodies and prepare their bodies for creating life. Also, an experience that encompassed the same beliefs that I have about family planning and infertility treatment. The Gianna Center’s values and beliefs align with mine.

I found the Gianna Center to be a very different practice from my previous experiences in women’s health in multiple ways:

  • Time - The first thing that struck me as very different was the amount of time that Dr. Larrauri took with each patient. She takes the time to get to know her patients and gives them the time that they deserve. There are no time limits or constraints placed on visits, allowing for full comprehensive care.

  • Passion - I also found the Gianna Center unique in its atmosphere. Dr Larrauri, Barbara, and Karla are so passionate about the care they provide for their patients. They want to make a difference and succeed because they love what they do and want to change women’s lives for the better. They put their heart and soul into their everyday work.

  • NaPro & Creighton Model - The Gianna Center puts the family and the women at the center of care. They start from the beginning, the basics, and test, leading to diagnosis, all while maintaining Catholic values and beliefs. Natural Procreative (NaPro) Technology and the Creighton Model FertilityCare System provide patients with other options away from standard medicine protocols that interfere with many patients’ values.

  • The Team! - I have worked in multiple settings and have never experienced teamwork amongst staff like I do at the Gianna Center. Karla, Barbara, and Dr. Larrauri work cohesively together to create an encompassing environment for patients.

    • Dr Larrauri MD, FACOG is a strong Catholic woman, mother, wife, and women’s health advocate, and she is someone to be admired. Her heart for our Lord is genuine and she reflects that in her everyday life, and her work with her patients.

    • Barbara NP, CFCP keeps the daily operations of the office running, but most importantly she works closely with her patients to focus on their reproductive health and cycles through the Creighton Model FertilityCare System. She has received awards for her amazing work within the community and is a strong advocate for the Catholic Family.

    • Karla MA (a MD in Venezuela!), FCPI is the shining light in the room and is always a smiling face for patients when they enter. She works diligently with all her tasks (and there are many), keeping the office running to its fullest capacity. Doing this all while meeting the patients where they are. English or Spanish speaking, Karla listens and gives sound, strong, faith-based guidance.

Each woman on this team is a valuable part of this well-oiled machine, and even though they each wear multiple hats, they do all their work from the heart and for the family.

I would highly recommend that students spend their time learning from Dr. Larrauri and Barbara! I have gained so much knowledge and have developed a different way of thinking and approaching women’s health and patients with infertility issues. Standardized medicine has taught us to think one way, but there is always another way to care for and treat women’s health concerns that are proven to work. I wish I had more time here! I have only learned the beginning of all that this place has to offer.

I have referred several friends already! I wish that this type of care/center was available to me when my husband and I were trying to grow our family. As Barbara and Karla have taught me, the Creighton Model FertilityCare System has proven to be a simple, convenient way of taking control of your body and your health. It empowers women to know their bodies and understand what is happening, month to month.

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