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Rosana's Story: Hope and Healing

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

Rosana is a patient of the Gianna Center of Philadelphia who gave her personal testimony in Spanish. She found the hope and healing she was searching for at our clinic. We have translated it, keeping close to her original words. This miracle was made possible by generous donors like you.

"It was September 2019, I was living in Florida, and that was when I first conceived and I lost my first child.

"I went to my doctor and he said this was normal, I was young and I could have other babies. I could try again right away and have nothing to worry about.

"In November 2019, I conceived the second time. Right after this joyous discovery, I started cramping and bleeding. I rushed to my doctor, he did an ultrasound and confirmed I was having another miscarriage. I couldn’t believe this was happening again. I asked him if there was any test that he could run to prevent this from happening again. He said he couldn’t do anything until I had at least three miscarriages – that was the medical protocol. I found another doctor for a second opinion. She said exactly the same as my previous doctor: it was only two miscarriages, I would have to wait for a third before they could check what was happening with my body. I begged for her help and asked her to run tests for something, but she wouldn’t hear me. I would have to lose another child in order to get help. I didn’t think this was fair, but I was not about to give up. I went to a third doctor, and she said the same: I would have to wait to lose one more child before they would test me. I cried for help and begged this doctor to do something. She sent me a few tests, and all results came back normal. She said everything was fine, not to worry and I could get pregnant at any time now.

"I moved to PA in 2020. Again, I conceived, and soon started cramping and bleeding. I went to a new doctor, and she confirmed I was having a third miscarriage. Since this was my third miscarriage, she offered to run some tests. As before, everything came back normal.

"At this point, I had three miscarriages and four doctors telling me everything was fine. How could I believe this when I couldn’t keep any baby? I went to a fifth doctor. He recommended an IVF fertility clinic, and started talking about one in Philadelphia, another one in New York. He said only with the help of IVF could I have a baby. I heard him, but I left completely hopeless since my “only option” was contrary to my Faith. This was not how God wanted me to become a mother.

"I wept, but I put everything in God’s hands, carried on, and continued to pray. One night I couldn’t sleep – I remember it was one o’clock in the morning. I started to pray and I asked God to send me a doctor that could help me, and I asked for one that was Venezuelan. I searched for just that on the internet, and Dr. Delia Larrauri came up. I read that she was a specialist in NaProTechnology. It was the first time I heard about this type of medicine, so I got interested and did my research on it. The next day I called and scheduled an appointment at the Gianna Center of Philadelphia.

"All the team members were like angels to me. The Gianna Center was my answered prayer! I went to my appointment with my last bit of hope; if God wanted me to become a mother, He would allow me to do it naturally. Dr. Larrauri found out what my problem was, and through medical and surgical management, I conceived again. I was placed on the NaProTechnology protocol of progesterone. I mention this, because none of the previous five doctors had offered me this. What is more, I went to my OB and she wanted to discontinue the progesterone at every appointment. I trusted the Gianna Center so much more, so I continued with their protocol. To further prove the effectiveness of the Gianna Center’s treatment, around my sixth month of pregnancy, my progesterone levels suddenly dropped and I started feeling cramps. Barbara Rose, the Gianna Center’s Nurse Practitioner, upped my dose. My OB told me to stop the progesterone. I continued with the progesterone, and the cramps ceased after my dose was increased.

"I firmly believe this is the major treatment that helped me bring my baby to term. I have no words to express my gratitude and convey what the Gianna Center means to me. Everything in the Gianna Center felt natural and non-invasive. I felt confident, I felt at home. I highly recommend the Gianna Center and NaProTechnology. I wish the whole world knew about it and we had a Gianna Center and a NaPro Doctor on every corner. This is the real care women need, which is not often found. As I said before, the Gianna Center of Philadelphia was my answered prayer."

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