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A Miracle Baby!

In January 2021, at the height of the COVID shutdown, we received a frantic call from a woman (we'll call her Sharon to protect her anonymity). She told us that she thought she was about four weeks pregnant and very concerned for her child. She shared with us that she recently had four pregnancy losses in a row, the most recent being at 16 weeks and she was carrying twins at the time. Sharon had called a number of practices in the area to see if she could receive care, but the OB-GYN office staff all told her that she would not be seen by the doctor before she was 10 weeks into the pregnancy. Complicating the matter was the fact that she was a mother with the responsibilities of small children and her husband was in the military. One could see that she was experiencing a tremendous amount of stress.

Nurse practitioner Barbara did a confirmation-of-pregnancy visit and ordered initial blood work. Shortly afterward, Dr. Larrauri performed an ultrasound and determined that she was about five and a half weeks pregnant. Intramuscular injections of compounded progesterone were prescribed. The woman and her husband came to the Gianna Center and were instructed in the safe administration of the medication to be given twice a week.

Sharon's hormone levels were monitored and Barbara continued to call her every two weeks to discuss the management plan. By the end of March the pregnancy was progressing so well that she no longer needed the injections. By this time, she learned that the military would be transferring her husband and the entire family needed to move to another state. Was there another NaProTechnology physician that could follow her? With the help of the Gianna Center, one was found and the secure transfer of medical records was arranged.

In the month of September 2021, we received the following email and attached photo:

"Baby Boy", 9lbs 4 oz, was born 10:55 pm Friday through the intercession of Saint Gianna Molla and Blessed Theodore Rhomzha, as well as the tireless loving care of the people of the Gianna Center. Grateful for the prayers and care.

With sincere gratitude.


It has been said that there is no Pro-Life movement without Pro-Life health care. Sharon's family miracle was possible in a large part because of donors like you. Please remember to

support the Gianna Center of Philadelphia so that it can continue its life-saving work.

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